Behind the acronym: meet the partners!

As the VISKA project kicks in a higher gear, we want to take the opportunity to introduce the organisations behind the project. Behind the VISKA name are six organisations from four different countries with a shared interest in the validation of skills obtained through prior learning, be it non-formal, informal or formal. While the partners are aware of the many differences that might exist across the participating countries relating to validation policies, practices and infrastructures, the focus for all partners is on how to deliver change, for individuals and for systems.

This common ground enables the partners to focus on similar issues and trying out similar measures regarding the validation of prior learning. Through sharing expertise and experiences, all partners bring an added value to the project, providing opportunities to learn from each other and grow together. Today, we would like to introduce you to these partners:

For more information on the partners and their work on VISKA, click on their respective links!


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