The partners in the VISKA-project have agreed on five different interventions in order to achieve the project goal.

  1. Developing and extending regional/national networks and partnerships to include policy makers, social partners and practitioners working on the validation of non-formal and informal learning (NFIL)
  2. Extending and/or adapting tools used in the validation of NFIL – includes digitisation as well as customisation for use with specific beneficiary groups and enhanced quality assurance of validation processes
  3. Creating a common set of criteria for the documentation and assessment of transversal skills, able to be used with one or more adult learner groups
  4. Training and/or capacity-building for guidance counsellors and other frontline staff working on the validation of NFIL, including with specific adult beneficiary groups
  5. Improving access to and awareness of validation services and support, including among specific adult beneficiary groups