Conducting the field trials in Flanders

The aim of the field trials in Belgium-Flanders for VISKA is to explore if it is possible, especially for the target group of low-qualified adults, to obtain an educational qualification through a VPL-procedure. We want to explore what the necessary legal framework is, the financial implications of such a procedure and the quality assurance conditions.

During the field trials the VISKA team in Flanders will work together closely with a total of seven selected adult education centers offering the course ‘additional general education’. A certificate obtained at the end of this course leads, in combination with a certificate from a professional qualification, to a diploma of secondary education. Currently, the VPL-procedure can differ between adult education centres. During the VISKA project, the selected centres will organise the four phases of the VPL-procedure in a similar way, supported by the Flemish Department of Education and Training. At least 150 adult learners will participate in this procedure. The intake for this procedure has started this month and the trials will run for one year.

The project team in Flanders will be supported by the members of the National Advisory Group (NAG). The members of this group have been selected based on their involvement with adult education and/or guidance of adult learners. The function of the group is mostly to be a sounding board and to ensure that the project stays within the limits of the legislative possibilities and the needs of the sector. Furthermore, VISKA Flanders has decided to work together closely with some of those relevant stakeholders in separate meetings on specific topics. There are six-monthly, monthly, weekly, and ad hoc meetings with several key actors and stakeholders in the field of education.

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