VISKA Literature review and country needs analysis

This report has been developed under work-package 2 Mapping, Needs Analysis and Experimentation Protocol.

This document provides an overview of the current discourse surrounding the Validation of Prior Learning (VPL) at a European level as a basis for the project interventions. The literature review provides the foundation for this report. It is a synopsis of the appropriate European literature and is informed by the relevant local and national literature of the partner countries, namely Norway, Iceland, Ireland and Belgium-Flanders. A mapping process to establish existing practices and to guide an analysis of the individual country needs was undertaken. The responses of each of the country partners are summarised providing a vital baseline on existing processes, procedures and resources for the validation of prior learning and a structure through which to explore the lived experiences of key stakeholders. This important contextual information supports later evaluation of the interventions and their impacts.

Sections each relating to key parts of the situational analysis activity in each of the participating countries are included as follows:

Section 1: Environment Analysis
o European Principles – literature review
o Legislative position – Viska Project Partners

Section 2: Stakeholders
o Target group profile
o Policy makers
o Support personnel

Section 3: Intervention pre field trial SWOT analysis

It is acknowledged that each partner country has individually identified the particular interventions with which they intend to engage wholly or partially as part of their planned field trials, as well as the appropriate target population and size for their intervention focus. In addition to the VISKA project partners, the target audience for the initial exploration included but was not limited to government agencies, education institutions/providers, social partners, employer/ or representative bodies and learner support services.

It was the responsibility of the local researcher/ evaluator within each implementation partner to identify the appropriate research population to respond to the questions posed in this document in consultation with the project team in each partner country and the overall project leader. This document outlines the current situation and systems in operation within the partner countries. The five interventions as proposed within the original project submission guide the project activity which will take place.

You will find the report following this link: D2.2_Literature review and needs analysis

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