D5.1 Interim findings report

This interim report addresses the implementation of the field trials and the emerging data at this point in the project. The background to the project including the legislative, policy and practice landscape in each of the partner countries was detailed in D2.2 Literature Review and Country Needs Analysis

This interim report provides a brief synopsis of the planned interventions in each country, the target group and the anticipated outcomes for the adult learners. It summarises the data collected to date in alignment with the five project interventions and provides some interim findings.

The report is structured in the following way:

Section 2: Methodology

  •  a brief overview of the methodology and the structure of the research and evaluation processes in line with the original project proposal.

Section 3: Summary of partners and planned activity

  • it briefly describes the project partners and their overall planned activity in relation to the project aims and objectives. This section gives an insight into the variation both between partners and their planned activities.

Section 4: Planned interventions

  •  a detail of each of the planned interventions and also seeks to illustrate the relationship between those interventions and the various project stakeholders.
  • The different planned activities of each of the partners in relation to the different interventions is explained and quantified, where appropriate.

Section 5: Findings to date

  • the findings to date from the perspective of the national advisory groups, the frontline staff and the learners, respectful of the different contexts in which the information is provided by participant country.

Section 6:

  • The next steps in the project

You can find the interim findings report following this link: interim report or on the VISKA results (deliverables) page.

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