EPALE Flanders will visit the VISKA Icelandic partners


EPALE Flanders has been invited to Iceland for a study visit about validation of prior learning. The visit takes place from 23th until the 26th of September. EPALE Flanders has developed a proposal for a study visit, together with Margrét K. Sverrisdóttir (EPALE Iceland). A member of VISKA Flanders will accompany EPALE Flanders on this visit.



The group consists of five persons, all involved in VPL:

  • Karine Nicolay, coordinator EPALE Flanders
  • Nathalie Druine, from the Department of Education and Training in Flanders, who worked on the decree for validation of prior learning for vocational/professional qualifications
  • Ariane Rober from the Department of Work and member of the Flemish Upskilling Pathways steering group
  • Monique De Ridder, pedagogical advisor and member of the Upskilling Pathways steering group
  • Inès Neefs, from the Department of Education and Training in Flanders, a member of the VISKAproject Flanders

During this study visit, IDAN and ETSC, our Icelandic partners, are delighted to welcome EPALE Flanders to gladly give the group more information about the well-functioning VPL system of Iceland.


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