D5.3 ‘Quality Assurance Mechanism of Validation Services’ published

This report gives an overview on quality assurance considerations within the VISKA project and various mechanisms in place within each country context and EU synergies. This will potentially allow further alignment of quality assurance to further support validation of prior learning, both at a national and European level.
Two VISKA reports and lessons learnt from the field trials are reviewed. The reports are D.3.4 – Holistic Quality Assurance Measures of Validation Services and Country reports that feeds into D.5.2 – Comparative Report on final results of VISKA 3 – country field trial. The VISKA deliverable 3.4 was grounded on national, Nordic and European guidelines on Validation of prior learning. These deliverables can also be found on the VISKA project website.
The report describes quality assurance measures grounded in a national context, VISKA context and EU context, describing similarities and differences between the different quality assurance mechanisms that are underpinned by the European guidelines for validating non-formal and informal learning.

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