About IÐAN Fraedslusetur, Vocation Education and Training Centre

IÐAN is a non-profit education and training provider supported by the federation of employees and Unions. A leading provider of continuing education offering diverse in house- and company courses including certified programs for qualified professionals in the crafts and trades.  Companies have also access to career and vocational counselling through Skills Assessment, analysis of educational needs and planning and implementation of in-house educational pathways. IÐAN has been heavily involved with the implementation of validation of prior learning in Iceland. IÐAN provides assessment of non-Icelandic professional qualifications and work experience. In addition, a provider of various services for the Ministry of Education, Science and culture and are involved in creating both national and international partnerships, embracing innovation and meeting new challenges to support the labour market.

Role in the project

As a partner, IÐAN Fraedslusetur operates as a delegated body of the Icelandic Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. Together with Skills Norway, IÐAN takes the joint-lead with regards to the implementation of the Field Trials and takes the lead in internal quality assurance for the project. In the VISKA partnership, Iðan are represented by Rakel Steinvör Hallgrímsdóttir and Helen Gray . They will take the joint-lead with regards to the implementation of the field trials and the internal quality assurance of the project.

Goal for VISKA

With the goal of equal access to society for all in mind, Iðan fræðslusetur hopes that through VISKA a recognized system will be put in place that can be used to improve the status of migrants in the Icelandic labour market.

When asked what they have learned at this stage of the project, the partners at Iðan state that they have gained insight into the different approaches of the partner countries towards validation. For themselves, the project has revealed plenty of different challenges and opportunities to consider regarding migrants in Iceland.

For more information on Iðan fræðslusetur, head over to their website at www.idan.is or send them an e-mail at iceland@viskaproject.eu!

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