Flemish Conference of the VISKA project

Conference on VPL in general additional education for adult learners

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The aftermovie of the conference made by EPALE Flanders

VISKA organised the Flemish conference on 19 November 2019 together with the European Electronic Platform for Adult Learning EPALE.

The Flemish VISKA project team welcomed around 60 participants for its national closing conference which took place at Dirk Boutsgebouw in Leuven.

After participants were welcomed by Koen Pelleriaux of the Department of Education and Training, the day started off with a presentation by Lieve Van den Brande to gain insight into the broad framework of VPL in a European context.

Nathalie Druine gave an overview of the policy initiatives concerning VPL in Flanders and discussed the new Parliament Act (26 April 2019) on VPL for professional qualifications which has recently been implemented in September 2019. After this presentation, Jill Peiffer, the director of Epos vzw – the National Agency for Erasmus+ Flanders – gave the participants a very interesting introduction on the different Key Action programmes of the Erasmus+ programme. She explained the difference of the programmes and emphasized that there are a lot of possibilities for adult education.

The broader set-up of the VISKA project and its activities were presented by Kris Coremans, project coordinator VISKA Flanders, followed by the presentation of the VISKA Flanders target group by Wendy Smits, policy advisor and data analist of the Department of Education and Training. After the presentation of the target group, Kris Coremans continued with an overview of the results of the Erasmus+ project VISKA for Flanders and then concluded with the policy advices.: ‘How can VPL be optimised for general education in adult education centres and what does this imply for policy and practice?’

After the presentation of the results and the policy advices, the participants had the chance to ask questions to the VISKA team Flanders. During this discussion reflections on the policy advices were given from a policy perspective and, on the other hand, from the perspective of the professional domain by the policy advisor Nathalie Druine and Elke Thoné, a teacher in a centre of adult education and representative of the Federation of Second Chance Education.

The conference was closed by Dennis van Gessel, Policy Officer of the European Commission, who shared his concluding observations and told the participants what more about the future policy of the European Commission regarding validation.

Dennis van Gessel
EC Policy Officer

One main message was echoed throughout the day: there is still a long way to go for validation of prior learning for educational qualifications. A project as VISKA however has put the focus on it and raised its importance.

The VISKA team Flanders expresses its hopes that the results from the project and its policy advices can be a first step towards further development of the VPL policy on educational qualifications and hopes that it provides a significant contribution to future policy development. The recommendations can be the basis of a ‘step by step’ introduction of a fully fledged VPL procedure in the centres of adult education.

Visit ‘the results by country’ page on our website for the Flemish evaluation results. Or move directly to the Flemish summary. A full country report will be published on the website in February 2020.

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