The Icelandic conference of the VISKA project

The VISKA team in Iceland, IÐAN Education and Training Centre and The Education and Training Service Centre (ETSC) organised the Icelandic final VISKA conference the 4th of February 2020. A wide audience attended, representing the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Welfare, Directorate of social affairs, Vocational schools, and frontline staff, lifelong learning centres, unions and associations of employers. Most all representatives from the National Advisory Group were present. There were 60 people in total. Discussion were lively where Slido was used to facilitate the questions for the debate panel. Below you can read all about their successful day and watch the aftermovie of their succesfull conference.

Aftermovie of the Icelandic conference

The conference opened with a general introduction to VISKA conducted by Arnheiður Gígja Guðmundsdóttir (ETSC) and Fjóla María Lárusdóttir (ETSC). Followed by important lessons learnt from the field trials presented by Helen Gray (IDAN) and Rakel Steinvör Hallgrímsdóttir (IDAN). Presentation

Two testimonial videos were shown from two career counsellors. Testimonials focused on the experience of VPL for migrants from field Trials; VPL towards curricula in trades and job standards and VPL toward Transversal Skills.

This was followed by a presentation from the Education research institute of the University of Iceland, were Sigrún Sif Jóelsdóttir went through the data collection methodology and the results from the surveys and interviews conducted during the field trials. Presentation.

Next on stage was the principal of the Technical college, Hildur Ingvarsdóttir, who discussed how anything is possible if we get a chance. Referring to that society must participate in inclusion. She also spoke of the lack of systematic pathways for those that do not have the language proficiency to further them self towards educational or professional pathways.  Presentation.

Following the coffee break, Luciano Domingues Dutra from the Migrant council of Iceland gave a moving speech about the challenge’s migrants face and the hope that people carry with them when moving to a new country.

Three additional testimonial videos were presented. From an assessor from the Field trials, housebuilding; a testimonial from a learner and finally from one of the main interpreters of the VISKA field trails.

To end the day, a debate panel was introduced, conducted by Hildur Elín Vignir (IDAN), the panel represented the Ministry of Education, Unions, Employer associations, lifelong learning centres and the ETSC.

The conference was Chaired by Ólafur Grétar Kristjánsson, Ministry of Education, Science and Culture.

Ólafur Grétar Kristjánsson summarised the conference at the end, thanking the VISKA team for their perseverance, vision and passion in matters that concern validation of prior learning, opportunities for adults and for working towards social inclusion and that the VISKA message would continue to influence policy.

Visit ‘the results by country’ page on our website for the Icelandic evaluation results or move directly to the Icelandic executive summary. A full country report is published on our page ‘Downloads’.

Below you can find some more pictures of the Icelandic conference.

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