Visible Skills for Adults, VISKA in short, is an Erasmus+ project with Belgium - Flanders, Iceland, Ireland and Norway as partners. It is a policy experimentation project, funded under Key Action 3 of the Erasmus+ programme, which focuses on support for policy reform. The priority theme the VISKA project resides under is "Employment and Skills: validation of informal and non-formal learning in Education and Training."

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This section summarises the research and evaluation methodology and how the evaluation protocol was implemented in each participating country.  The methodology was influenced by the complexity of the project aspirations and by the variation in the contexts for the project in practice.  In summary the research and evaluation activities of the VISKA project had a number of objectives.  It was intended to support the field trials or interventions by guiding the development of an evaluative framework, through both formative measures and a summative assessment of impacts.  Another objective was to extract evidence and analysis that would contribute to future policy and practice progression in validation processes.

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At least 500 individuals are involved in the field trials of validation of prior learning.
These are adult learners, guidance counsellors and other frontline staff, who are participating in validation services in the 4 partner countries, and benefitting from one or more of the planned interventions.
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