About the field trials

In seven centres of adult education offering the course of additional general education (AGE) a VPL procedure is organised. All these centres use a VPL scenario and registration form prepared by VISKA-Flanders. At the end the collected data will support a policy advice regarding VPL for low qualified adult learners.

Local guidance counsellors support the clients during the VPL-procedure according to the instructions in the roadmap drawn up by VISKA-Flanders  in consultation with the centres.

An (intake) interview is planned with every client.

Earlier study results and/or participation in exemption tests can lead to an as short as possible learning path for the course ‘additional general education’ according to the already acquired knowledge and skills.

About the target group

The target group for the field trials are low qualified adults who do not have a diploma of secondary education (NQF 4) and who meet the admission requirements to register for the course of AGE (additional general education).

Most of them are born in Belgium (75.9% in 2015). In addition, mainly adult learners are born in the Netherlands, Morocco, Russia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Turkey.

Migrants and refugees are a part of the target group when they are in line with the linguistic requirements linked to the course of AGE.

About the anticipated policy aim

The aim is to foresee policy advices on how to guarantee more and equal VPL-opportunities for adult learners in centers for adult education offering general education (with the aim to obtain a diploma of secondary education) in all regions of Belgium/Flanders.

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