About the field trials

QQI is not a VISKA field trial implementation partner; rather our contribution focuses on bringing feedback and reflections from an Irish perspective to the work of the project and supporting dissemination. Our National Advisory Group reflects on policy implications.

As an exceptional measure, Ireland is contributing to the testing of the EU Skills Profiling Tool. 5 front-line and guidance professional staff will trial this digital skills auditing tool in regional Education and Training Boards (ETBs) and in one Community Education setting. This limited trial provides for the identification phase of VPL, although some may have the opportunity to progress further depending on context.  Staff will also share their experience of using the tool with relevant national networks.

About the target group

This limited trial will take place between December 2018 and February 2019 with small groups of migrants and refugees in both urban and rural settings. Clients agree participation in discussion with guidance and front-line staff.

About the anticipated policy aim

The policy aim of testing a digital skills audit tool is to support consideration of enhanced measures in the implementation of the 2012 and 2016 Recommendations which provide for Skills Audits for target cohorts.

VISKA in Ireland is timely in supporting ‘joined-up thinking’, connecting and illuminating opportunities and barriers in policy and practices, and related to specific interventions, informed by research findings from field trials and practices in partner countries. VPL for people with low levels of skill and qualification including migrants and refugees is reflected in a range of national policies currently being operationalised; VISKA will inform this work.

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