About the field trials

In our trials, the candidates will be offered VPL, if they are ready for it, in fields where they have sufficient prior learning to actually have useful results at upper secondary level. These can be VET subjects (practical/theoretical) or general subjects like science or languages.

All potential candidates will get information about VISKA, in the five integration reception centres that take part in VISKA. The centres are managed at municipal level. The trials will include the two first stages of VPL for all candidates, i.e. they will get guidance and counselling, and be supported in the process of identifying and documenting their competences. For those who are able to and wish to go through the full validation process, stages 3 and 4 (assessment and certification) will be organised and conducted by regional providers at upper secondary level.

About the target group

Refugees who are seeking or who are in the process of being granted asylum and residence permits in Norway. The residents have signed up to be accommodated and to take part in activities in special integration reception centres, which provide housing and full-day programmes of various integration activities. Nationalities are mostly Syrian, Eritrean and Turkish. Languages are Arabic, Tigrinja, Turkish, some English, and for some, basic Norwegian also. Participants’ level of education varies, but people with a completed HE diploma will not be part of the trials, as they go to another recognition system. Many have some schooling, without having a diploma or certificate that can be recognised in Norway.

About the anticipated policy aim

The VISKA trials in Norway aim to impact policy in the field of immigrant integration regarding VPL issues.The current legislation requires candidates for VPL at upper secondary level to master Norwegian. Giving access to VPL for immigrants at an earlier stage than today (through promoting early intervention and granting exception from the language requirement) is intended to result in faster integration into the Norwegian working life and/or formal education system.

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