Results of VISKA Ireland

This page contains the results of the VISKA project Ireland.

This report describes the Irish part of the VISKA project. It is a summary of a longer and more detailed ‘Country Report’ delivered within the VISKA project. The full ‘Country Report’ is published on our downloadpage.

It aims to provide information relating principally to two interventions of the VISKA project in Ireland, networking under the auspices of the National Advisory Group (Intervention 1) and the testing of the EU Skills Profiling Tool as a contribution to the development of a digital tool for the identification of skills in validation (an element of Intervention 2, Deliverable D3.1), notwithstanding work carried out nationally over the duration of the project relating to all interventions, or the original aims of project engagement. It seeks in addition to answering the questions posed by the researchers within the report to additionally set out what VISKA Ireland did, what happened because of this, how-if at all-this influenced policy and how VISKA helped. In as far as is possible sensibly, it treats VISKA in isolation from other national developments in the validation field.

Read the full executive summary here: Executive summary (in English).

National Country Evaluation Report

VISKA project in Ireland

In Ireland, QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland) is an independent State agency responsible for promoting quality and accountability in education and training services in Ireland. QQI has a broad remit across education and training in Ireland. In the area of quality assurance, QQI is responsible for reviewing the effectiveness of quality assurance in further and higher education and training providers in Ireland. As a VISKA project partner, QQI operates as a delegated body of the Department of Education and Skills in Ireland and aimed to disseminate useful and practical information on international approaches and good practice on the recognition of prior learning of adults. It was hoped that the VISKA project would inform the development of a national policy in this area and the building of a network of practitioners through which localisation of approaches and tools would be achieved, in parallel with certain other national validation initiatives.

In Ireland the National Advisory Group for VISKA gave an opportunity to interact with key stakeholders, assisting in the development of an informed basis for contributions on policy and practice. In addition, some feedback on the use of the European Skills Profiling Tool with adults in Ireland are included in the overall project findings.

Read the full national evaluation report here: National Evaluation Report Ireland

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