Results of VISKA Norway

This page contains the results of the VISKA project Norway.

This report describes the Norwegian part of the trials in VISKA. It is a summary of a longer and more detailed 'Country Report' delivered within the VISKA project. The full 'Country Report' will be published in February 2020.
The purpose of the VISKA trial in Norway is to highlight the competence of adult asylum seekers who live or have lived in integration reception centers. The intention is to contribute to a faster integration by the fact that the individual's expertise is visible early in the integration process. Early  competence assessment will be able to facilitate more targeted plans for training and faster entry into working life than it is today.

Five counties are included in the Norwegian testing in the VISKA:
• Nordland, with integration reception in Bodø
• Trøndelag, with integration reception in Steinkjer
• Oslo, which has had integration reception at Aleksander Kielland's Place
• Vestfold, with integration reception in Larvik
• Vest-Agder, with integration reception in Kristiansand

Read the full executive summary here: Executive summary in Norwegian

Skills Norway, the lead partner of the VISKA project,is the Directorate for Lifelong Learning under the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. In addition to nationalresponsibility for recognition and validation of non-formal and informal learning, Skills Norway promotes access toand participation in formal, non-formal and informal adult education and supports quality development of validation processes.

The aim of the VISKA project in Norway is to develop more efficient integration processes where immigrants with prior learning relevant for the Norwegian labour market can get their skills validated by theformal education system and use this recognition as a starting point for further professional development.

The VISKA trials in Norway havetriedout validation at upper secondary level for adult refugeesfrom Integration Reception Centresin Bodø, Steinkjer, Oslo, Larvik and Kristiansand. The potential candidates got information about VISKA in the five Integration Reception Centres, which are managed at municipal level. The trials have included the two first stages of VPL for all candidates, I.e. they have been supported in the process of identifying and documentingtheir competences and have been given guidance and counsellingbased on this prior documentation. For those who hadcompetences relevant for recognition at upper secondary level and wishedto go through the full validation process, stages 3 and 4, assessment and certification, wereorganised and conducted by regional providers at upper secondary level.

Read the full national evaluation report here: National Evaluation Report Norway


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